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Mornington Meadows
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News and Gossip

Mornington Meadows : stop press!


Lastest news involves some rumour that people have been driving around the Estate after dark, with their engines roaring un-necessarily loudly for what is a built-up residential area. Wholly unseemly, one would think, giving the late hour at which this took place..... almost certainly, the guilty party were local yobboes and not respectable Englishmen and true. The Estate has seen an influx of late - unbefitting our once sturdy reputation. Still, live and let live; one cannot be openly reactionary this side of the border. 


Gossipt suggests that those roaring their engines and making a nuisance were - in fact - middle aged men buying sports cars prior to divorce.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!