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Mornington Meadows
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Interview: Guy Cooper (Pen-Y-Cae)

Our interrogation of the splendid fella Guy, from the band Dayer.

Could you offer MM locals a brief introduction to Dayer's history?
- The earliest version of the band was formed in the summer of 1996 by myself, Rich Egan & Craig Mapstone. Over the next 6years (with many, many line up changes), we grew into quite a well known band, released 2 CDs, appeared on HTV Wales, headlined shows in Camden, played the Newport Centre and broke up just when we were on brink of something big!

Four years later and we were talked into reforming the band. So, here we are, with the original 3 back together and a bass player who just loves to play! 

What are your primary influences / what do you hope to achieve with the band in future?
- Influences were varied and seemed to change daily, having said that, Stella and Vodka played a huge part in the band's life. All we really want to achieve with the reunion is to play some music, entertain some poeple and enjoy ourselves while doing it!

How many other bands from MM throughout the ages have there been, that we ignoramuses might be unaware of?
- I know of people before Dayer who were in various bands from the estate. I don't think there has ever been an exclusive MM band. If anyone would like to correct me, I would like to know as well :)

How would you feel if half of MM turned up at one of your concerts and started chanting 'Guy for councillor, Guy for councillor'?
- I would be happy for people to turn up from anywhere, but me as a councillor? I leave politics to the liers & cheats! I like the clean & respectable business of sex, drugs & rock n roll thank you. 

On thing to improve MM - what would it be?
- More areas for the kids to play, away from the roads.

If Dayer could play a gig within the bounds of Mornington Meadows, where would be your ideal location?
- The big green in the centre of the estate would be cool, but it does drop away at the back. That could prove dangerous!

Which is your street in MM, and where do you feel it sits in the hierarchy of other streets on the estate?
- Pen-y-Cae. Its the most vital street on the estate. It links everything on the estate to everything else. Its the heart of the estate [if the heart was on the outside and everything in the middle ;) ]

Could you share with us some of your best memories of MM life whilst living here.
- I grew up on this estate, as a result I have so many happy memories here it would be impossible to narrow it down to just a couple. Of course the day the cows from the farm invaded the school playing field springs to mind! 

What are the best features of MM living?
- It's normally quite peaceful, but close enough to the town centre and all the main roads that you can get everywhere. 

Impossible to imagine - but are there any downsides?
- They took away all of the play equipment from the playgrounds and never replaced them.

Give a shout-out to any fellow MM people - past or present - including those since long moved on, or who lend fond memories.
- Again far too many, and I don't want to offend anyone, so just a big hello to everyone I went to school & college with and played with after school. A big thanks to my neighbours who put up with the nosie of me practising my guitar and writing songs.

Not to sounds threatening, but it might be in your interest to go to the Dayer Myspace